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As a Mortgage Broker in Birmingham with 20+ years’ experience, we provide open & honest mortgage advice throughout these surrounding areas. We offer fast and friendly Mortgage advice in Birmingham, and we aim to find you the best mortgage tailored to your circumstances.

Here are the following areas that we offer our mortgage advice service in, check out our handy ‘Areas Covered’ button:

Mortgage Advice in Boldmere

Boldmere is a suburb village and residential area of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England. It is bordered by New Oscott, Sutton Park, Wylde Green and Erdington, and is in the ward of Sutton Vesey.

If you enjoy your quiet walk and talks, you'll feel at home here. There are all sorts at your leisure. Boldmere could be a great option if you are looking to settle down and get away from city life.

Your Mortgage Broker in Boldmere is here to help you secure your dream home.

Mortgage Broker in Boldmere

Mortgage Advice in Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth is a significant and historic market town that sits on the meandering River Severn banks. The town split's itself into High Town, which is upon the hill and has fantastic views, and the Low Town connected by England's only remaining inland electric funicular railway. In other terms of transport, it is only a 45-minute drive into central Birmingham in the car.

Several primary schools have received good reports from Ofsted. There are also two Secondary schools for your children to attend. However, given its slight isolation due to being a countryside town, there are plenty of options nearby to access your transport.

You'll find a bit of everything in Bridgnorth, and there plenty of places to eat and drink, ranging from picturesque country pubs to international cuisine and many shops and supermarkets in the local area. Bridgnorth is a great place to live in Birmingham. If this area looks right, get in touch and speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Bridgnorth today.

Mortgage Broker in Bridgnorth

Mortgage Advice in Bromsgrove

If you are looking for somewhere respite from the city life but don't want the lengthy commute to work, Bromsgrove might be the ideal location for you.

Bromsgrove is a small, leafy market town neighbouring urban areas in Worcestershire. Bromsgrove sits just 16 miles southwest of Birmingham, making it an ideal home for commuters.

The High Street, which has kept its traditional character, runs through the heart of town. Full of independent shops and high street favourites.

You will find a good range of flats in new-build housing developments in and around Bromsgrove town centre and the railway station. If Bromsgrove sounds like the sort of place you could see yourself living in, get in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Bromsgrove, and we try to help you achieve your mortgage journey.

Mortgage Broker in Bromsgrove

Mortgage Advice in Cannock

Cannock is an area known for its rural setting, peaceful town, nature trails, and numerous bike tracks. It's also known for its local woodlands forest surroundings and its medieval history as a coal-mining centre.

The place offers an attractive choice for tenant and first-time buyers, and if you can find the right property, it is an ideal town, especially if you are a commuter moving to cities such as Birmingham for work, there is a direct train that connects with Birmingham's new street station, or you can take the M6 toll road which makes it easy getting there by car.

Cannock has one of the best and vast amounts of schools in the county, and there are several colleges too. All these are to help ensure people in Cannock of different ages and stages have educational opportunities.

Each Cannock's suburb had their villages, and it has currently maintained its high streets that contain traditional shops, restaurants, and pubs and large retail parks. If this area suits you, then Cannock is the perfect town for you, don't hesitate to contact your Mortgage Advisor in Cannock today to book a free mortgage consultation.

Mortgage Broker in Cannock

Mortgage Advice in Dudley

Dudley is a large market town situated on the outskirts of Birmingham. Being only ten miles north of the city centre, Dudley is a great place to live if you want easy access to city life as well as a breath of countryside air.

Dudley is famous for its history. It was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution, so as you can imagine, it's a town that prides itself on its heritage. In the modern-day, its history is celebrated in local museums and through town events.

There are plenty of things to do in Dudley, you'll find entertainment venues, shopping centres, restaurants, bars and cafes - there is something for everyone. It's even home to Dudley Castle; this 13th-century ruin overlooks the whole of Dudley, giving you a lovely town view. Inside the castle grounds lies Dudley Zoo which houses a large collection of endangered species. This allows fun for all of the family!

If Dudley sounds like the type of area for you, you should get in touch with our fantastic mortgage team and receive a free mortgage consultation.

Mortgage Broker in Dudley

Mortgage Advice in Falcon Lodge

Falcon Lodge is a small residential area based northeast of Birmingham. It mostly consists of council houses and estates, however, there is still a lot of buying or renting opportunities for reasonable prices.

Falcon Lodge has a large community centre which is always popular amongst the local families. A place like Falcon Lodge could open you up to reasonable living costs and give you chance to access the Right to Buy scheme.

Mortgage Broker in Falcon Lodge

Mortgage Advice in Four Oaks

Four Oaks is a residential area in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, lying along the north and east borders of Sutton Park. Four Oaks is situated approximately 7 ¹⁄₂ miles north of Birmingham City Centre and is bordered by Sutton Park

Mortgage Broker in Four Oaks

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.Mortgage Broker in Wylde Green

Mortgage Advice in Wylde Green

Located at the south side of Sutton Coldfield town centre, Wylde Green is a residential area within the Sutton Vessey ward of Birmingham. The housing has historic value, with many of the buildings dating back to the 30s, 40s & 50s. One of the most notable buildings there is The Stone House, a sandstone house built by Bishop Vessey in the 16th Century and one of the few surviving of his houses.

Nearby you'll find plenty of shopping opportunities with local express stores and even a shopping centre. Raising a family should be of little concern within Wylde Green, as there are various nurseries in the area, as well as a tuition centre.

Mortgage Broker in Wylde Green

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