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Mortgage Broker in Smethwick

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

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Mortgage Broker in Smethwick

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

Speak to an Advisor - It's Free! 0121 595 0187

Providing Expert Mortgage Advice in Smethwick

As a mortgage broker in Smethwick, we strive in making the process of getting a mortgage as simple & straightforward as possible. Through our experience providing mortgage advice in Smethwick, we have built a fantastic reputation of helping many customers who are looking to achieve their homeowning/homebuying goals.

Here at Birminghammoneyman, we have an expert team of mortgage advisors who will work hard in finding the best product for your financial & personal situation, aiming to save you both time & money.

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Your Mortgage Options in Smethwick

All of our Customers Receive a Free Mortgage Appointment!

You may be stepping into the mortgage world as a first time buyer, looking to move to a new property in Smethwick or remortgage. Either way, we aim to provide a service that will help you towards mortgage success. We understand that the mortgage journey can come to be both exciting & daunting which is why we make sure to remove as much of the stress away and support you if any hurdles occur along the way.

If you feel your situation is too specialist and isn’t listed below, please do still get in touch with our team. Our experience has provided us with the opportunity to deal with a variety of cases through customers approaching us as their dedicated mortgage broker in Smethwick. With this in mind, it’s very likely that we have come across your situation before and will know what the best steps to take are.

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Your Mortgage Options in Smethwick

First Time Buyer Mortgages in Smethwick

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First time buyer in Birmingham, it’s very likely that you will have little to no knowledge of the subject of mortgages, however, this is where we can help! Our team are here to not only help you kickstart your mortgage process but to support you all the way to obtaining the keys to your dream home. When you get in touch with our team, you will be offered a free initial mortgage appointment where you will be assigned a mortgage advisor in Smethwick who will be there to provide a helping hand throughout the mortgage process and will answer any questions you may have.

To start, your advisor will want to build a picture of your financial situation by asking you some questions. After, they will carry out an affordability assessment to find out which are deals are the best for your case. It’s then time for your mortgage advisor in Smethwick to search through our large panel of lenders who offer a range of deals to pick the one that is the most appropriate for you. We started your process from the get-go by sorting out your agreement in principle usually around 24 hours after your free initial appointment.

Moving Home Mortgages in Smethwick

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The general consensus around moving home in Birmingham is it’s one of the most stressful experiences to be in. If you are looking to move home, as a mortgage broker in Smethwick, we have a team of expert advisors who will take the weight off the mortgage aspect of the experience so you can focus on the move itself.

There are many reasons why a homeowner why may look to move, however, we find the most common one is that they are looking to live in a larger property due to a change in circumstances. Before you take views any make any offers, it’s best to check your affordability. Our team can help you with budgeting in order to work out the maximum amount you can borrow for a mortgage, and the amount your repayments will be.

Buy to let Mortgage Smethwick

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Over the years as a mortgage broker in Smethwick, we have built close and enduring relationships with plenty of buy to let landlords and helped them secure a buy to let mortgages in Birmingham. Our fantastic service has helped budding landlords who have become returning customers as well as existing landlords who are looking to build their portfolios further.

Here at Birminghammoneyman, we offer a large variety of buy to let mortgage options such as HMO, Holiday Let, Let to Buy and your dedicated mortgage advisor in Smethwick can help you explore any of these as well as find the best option for you. The minimum deposit for a Buy to Let mortgage is usually 25% of the property value. This can vary between 20%-40%, however, this comes down to your situation. You can simply get in touch with one of our mortgage advisors in Smethwick if you have any questions.

Remortgaging in Smethwick

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If your initial mortgage deal is coming to the end of its term, it’s best that you look into remortgage in Birmingham. As well as finding you a better deal, there are lots of reasons why people look to remortgage like home improvements, releasing equity or consolidating debt into their mortgage.

The remortgage process involves switching to another mortgage deal to stay clear of falling onto your lender’s standard variable rate of interest. Our remortgaging advisors in Smethwick can help you find you competitive rates and products in the market. In some cases, you may have kept up with your repayments and found that you have competitive rates available to you.

Self Employed Mortgages Smethwick

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If you are self employed in Birmingham, the mortgage process will be similar to other scenarios, with one key difference – the requirement to provide evidence of your income. Your mortgage advisor in Smethwick will guide you on the additional documents you need to provide. Just like with other mortgage types, they will conduct an affordability assessment and explore the available deals suitable for you.

Mortgage Options for Over 50s in Smethwick

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Homeowners who happen to be over the age of 55 and meet the right criteria, such as for property value, could find it worthwhile looking at their options for a equity release in Smethwick. Equity release in Smethwick is typically taken out either as a home reversion plan or more commonly, as a lifetime mortgage in Smethwick.

Beyond this, for customers over the age of 50, you may find that there are other potential mortgage options for you, as you head towards later life. These can include options such as retirement interest only (rio) mortgages, term interest only (tio) mortgages, hybrid mortgages, as well as standard mortgages and remortgages in Smethwick.

Mortgages for over 50s and especially equity release in Smethwick, tends to be a very specialist area and it is key that you get in touch with a qualified and professional mortgage broker in Smethwick, to understand your options. We will always look to see if an alternative is more suitable for you first, before we look at equity release in Smethwick.

To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. Equity Release may come in the form of a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan.

A lifetime mortgage may impact the value of your estate and it could affect your entitlement to current and future means tested benefits. The loan plus accrued interest will repayable upon death or moving into long term care.

A home reversion plan involves selling all or part of your home to a plan provider in exchange for a tax-free lump sum.

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

Book Online

Step 1

Booking your free mortgage appointment with one of our experts has never been easier with our modern book online system. This allows you to book your appointment at a time that suits you! Within your appointment, your advisors will ask you some questions get an idea of your financial situation and find out what you are looking to achieve.

Free Mortgage Apppointment

Step 2

After you have attended your appointment, your dedicated mortgage advisor in Smethwick will get an Agreement in Principle (AIP) sorted for you usually within 24 hours. With the information they collated in the appointment, they will search through our large panel of lenders to find you the best deal for your situation as well as provide you with expert mortgage advice in Smethwick. We also have access to specialist mortgage products making it versatile for us to find you the best mortgage for your situation.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 3

As mentioned, we have access to a large panel of lenders meaning we can search through 1000s of mortgage deals which is something that differentiates us from banks that only offer their own in-house products.

Submit Your Application

Step 4

Lastly, we will submit your mortgage application to the lender and work with them to get it approved. We will provide a helping hand throughout the process and answer any questions that may pop up along the way.

Reasons to Choose us

Free Appointment in Oldbury

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We have extensive experience and rich knowledge in a variety of situations meaning matching a mortgage deal to your circumstance should be easy. If your situation is a little out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We love a challenge and will be more than happy to guide you through the process as well as work hard in overcoming any mortgage hurdles you may encounter on the way.

Search 1000s of products

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Unlike the mortgage advisors at banks, who can only offer products from their own institution, our team has access to a panel of lenders, including those with specialist mortgage products so we can search 1000’s of deals.

Our Service

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Providing high-level customer service is at the core of what we do as a mortgage broker in Birminghamand surrounding areas including Smethwick. Our customers are at the heart of the company which is strongly reflected in our customer reviews. our dedicated mortgage advisor will provide a tailored mortgage advice in Smethwick and will be there every step of the way. We pride ourselves in being responsive, caring, open and honest with customer throughout your mortgage application.

7 Days a Week

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We strongly recommend that book yourself in for a free mortgage appointment that we offer to every customer who gets in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you and provide you with trusted mortgage advice in Birmingham and surrounding areas, kickstarting you on your mortgage journey.

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Common Mortgage Questions in Smethwick

How much deposit do I need for a mortgage in Smethwick?

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In most cases, when purchasing a property in Smethwick with a mortgage, a minimum deposit of 5% is required by most lenders, calculated based on the property’s value.

However, depending on individual circumstances, a higher deposit of 10-15% may be required, especially if you have a lower credit score or financial history that could make mortgage lenders more cautious in approving your application.

Instances of poor credit history, missed payments, or outstanding unsecured debt can cause mortgage lenders to be hesitant in approving a mortgage in Smethwick.

Therefore, a higher deposit may be necessary to demonstrate your financial stability and ability to repay the loan. It’s important to remember that a mortgage is a substantial loan, and mortgage lenders want to ensure that their applicants can meet their repayment obligations.

I have bad credit, can I get a mortgage in Smethwick?

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Even if you have a poor credit score, it’s still possible to secure a mortgage in Smethwick through specialist lenders who cater to individuals with bad credit. However, these lenders typically require a higher deposit, usually around 10%-15%, as a demonstration of your trustworthiness.

If you’re seeking guidance on obtaining a mortgage in Smethwick or looking to enhance your credit score, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can offer valuable advice on where to begin!

How does the free mortgage appointment in Smethwick work?

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Your mortgage appointment in Smethwick, which is complimentary, will be around 30 minutes long. During this session, you will have the opportunity to converse with a mortgage advisor in Smethwick and explore various mortgage options.

To gain a better understanding of your circumstances and objectives, your mortgage advisor in Smethwick will pose queries. They will also examine your personal and financial situation to determine what types of mortgage products you may be eligible for.

When should I get an Agreement in Principle in Smethwick?

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To support your property offers in Smethwick, you will require an Agreement in Principle (AIP), also known as a mortgage in principle. AIPs serve as confirmation that lenders are willing to lend to you provided that you can demonstrate your income and affordability.

In a situation where multiple buyers express interest in a property and only one has an AIP, the seller is more likely to choose the buyer with an AIP as they have already received pre-approval, making the process more efficient.

An AIP is valid for 30-90 days, and once it expires, you must apply for a renewal. Fortunately, our mortgage advisors in Smethwick can generate an AIP within 24 hours of your mortgage appointment. Contact our team, and we will be delighted to assist you!

Why use a mortgage broker in Smethwick like us?

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As a mortgage broker in Smethwick, we are committed to assisting you throughout the entire mortgage process, from beginning to end. We will remain by your side every step of the way.

Our primary focus is your best interests, and we will strive to save you both time and money. We can survey thousands of mortgages to discover the most cost-effective product for you.

To speak with a mortgage advisor in Smethwick, simply book your complimentary mortgage appointment online. We offer appointments seven days a week, so choose the date and time that is most convenient for you.

Can I get a second mortgage in Smethwick?

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There are a variety of reasons why someone might require multiple mortgages, with the most common being for buy-to-let or let-to-buy purposes. However, individuals may also have specific objectives, such as purchasing a vacation property or acquiring a residence for a family member.

Acquiring a second mortgage necessitates a good credit score, as lenders will thoroughly evaluate your creditworthiness to verify your ability to pay. For buy-to-let or let-to-buy properties, the mortgage payments are frequently covered by the tenant’s rent payments.

Our team of mortgage advisors in Smethwick will meticulously evaluate your financial situation to ensure that you are capable of affording the additional mortgage before submitting your application.

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