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Looking to Sell your Home Quickly in Birmingham?

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Birmingham

We are aware of the fact that people’s circumstances can change at the drop of a hat, and it may require you to sell your house instantly. Whether it’s a job relocation opportunity, emigration, upsizing or downsizing due to an empty nest, or any other event you are confronting, it has put you in a bind, and now you urgently need to sell your home while staying free from the monetary risks that a long listing time or foreclosure may bring.

Once you are all set for moving home in Birmingham, you need to contemplate putting your existing home onto the property market thereby finding a decent buyer and closing the sale. 

At the point of the sale, the equity in it (the amount at which you sell for minus your current mortgage balance) will be used for your deposit for your next property purchase. This can be raised to a substantial amount as much as you like from either savings or a family gift.

As a vendor or a seller, you should always have a relevant asking price that you are willing to sell for, but should also be open to potential offers from prospective buyers. The way that your home is advertised and presented will play a significant role in convincing the buyer to purchase your property.

In this article, we suggest you some effective and practical ways to sell your property to the potential purchaser.

Setting the Offer Price for Your Sale property

When deciding your offer price, you need to ensure that the quoted price should be consistent and justifiable for a particular local area. Just because the estate agent has told you the property’s highest probable sale price, does not mean that it will be sold at that price. It is always a good way to research the area in which you are selling and figure out a reasonable price for a property of your size and age.

Within an initial couple of weeks of your listing, there is a high probability that you attract as many potential buyers as possible. However, if you failed to do so, there is a high probability that the price is overestimated by its original value. So always, make sure to ask for the right price if you are looking towards moving home in Birmingham.

Focus the exterior of Your House

Having a perfect exterior is crucial to selling your house instantly especially when you plan on moving home in Brimingham. A good lawn can be an inexpensive way of making the exterior charming and resonating to anyone who pulls up to your house. Hence, a lush green lawn is as essential as a freshly painted interior.

Having your home look alluring from the outside could act as a deciding factor for your potential buyer. So always, make sure that the exterior should not be a big dull vacant space. Rather ensure that all your fences have their slats properly in place and are freshly painted or creosoted. People enjoy far cry from something already existent. They enjoy seeing colorful gardens, so picking and planting the perfect flowers could be incredibly helpful. Anything to liven up your garden could help your case when it comes to selling your home. Removing weeds and dead flowers, cutting the grass, removing grass clippings are all the tasks that must be looked at closely.

All of this will send out an impression that you honestly care about your house. This will also instill the notion that the interior will be as pleasing and welcoming as the exterior. 

Interior of any House Matters alot

We strongly believe that visual clutter leads to mental clutter. Before you allow people to let them in for  viewing, you need to make sure that your house is orderly and clutter-free. This would reflect a sense of responsibility and care towards your house while convincing the purchaser to take dire interest in your property.

Keeping your living space neat and tidy sends out a message that you adore cleanliness and that your home will be pure of dust and other allergens. Try to remove any unnecessary item that might be seen rolling around and declutter every space. The main motive for keeping the interior clean is to make it an inviting and most peaceful place to stay and relax.

Give your visitor a homey look and amp up your abode’s comfort level without overspending by carrying out below-mentioned activities:

  • Wake up your walls with some artwork
  • Pep up with some plants and dried flowers
  • Brighten up the room with a rug or carpets for a more animated scheme and additional comfort underfoot.
  • Having a nice doormat will work too and make sure the doorbell rings the first time.
  • Door locks should be checked and polished to ensure that they can open and close with ease.

Walking through hallways is always a good starting point as they do not require much work due to being smaller spaces, yet are also just as important as any other room. Once you have done this, it is time to start going from room to room and working hard to make sure it is clean, smells nice, and is appealing.

Ensure to pay added attention to your kitchen and bathroom as these are the two hot spots of your house. Cupboards and wardrobes should be neatly stacked over one another. Kids or pets should be kept apart if a visitor enters your house to view it concerning the purchase.  If you are a chain smoker there is a high chance that your rooms smell of smoke. Make sure that you have an effective airing system before a prospective buyer arrives.

Significant of Perfect Lighting

Lighting is a very significant factor in the sale of the house as the lighting in any premises changes the overall mood and ambiance of the space. Likewise, it also plays a vital role in changing the perception of the buyer in regards to the size of the room.

The house would look more captivating if you allow natural daylight to shine evenly across all rooms, opening all blinds and curtains to let light enter through. At places where it is not possible for light to reach out, make sure that you have all the light bulbs and lampshades working smoothly. At the same time, check that the house is smell free.

Make them feel comfortable at home

People love discussing the house with their family/partner. So give them a little space so that they are comfortable in conversation with their accompanied person. This would instill in them a true sense of it being a family home and be respectable about it.

Allow them to explore the house on their own rather than accompanying them entirely or crowding them too much during their visit that might end up frustrating them.

Make it Spotless

Having said all, make it certain that your bedrooms and bathrooms should be tidy and spotless. Your clothes should not be scattered over or hanging around in hooks, rather be neatly stacked in the closets.

You should carefully think of other duties like washing your curtains, blinds, wiping your walls from any dust or spots, and cleaning your floors and windows to give a sense of satisfaction to the visitor that the house has been in safe hands.

Make spaces visible

Sellers often don’t realise the importance of empty space in their home but it could mean a lot to the potential buyer because it enables them to envision how an empty space could best be utilized, thereby giving them a personalized feel. For instance, an empty wall in a bedroom resonates with the buyer as a blank canvas, showing that they will be able to do whatever they want to it.


In conclusion, we would like to point out that people like people and so your viewer will form the first impression of you so always be welcoming, honest and most importantly be yourself. Honesty is the best policy, therefore, create a balanced view on every problem that you have encountered with the house, for example, if you had a problem with the leak, tell them how easily you fixed it and how the chances of happening again in the future are improbable.

Finally, remember that purchasing a house is rational as well as an emotional decision. If you have a family it helps to accentuate it has been a happy home for you, this is sure to rub off on the viewers if they are thinking of raising a family also

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