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Can you have multiple mortgages?

Can you have more than one mortgage?

Sure!  There are many reasons why a customer would want more than one mortgage.  Whether, this be a holiday home, a mortgage with a different partner, a mortgage following a separation/divorce, second mortgage advice, or a buy to let.

It’s all about meeting mortgage criteria!
The good news is, we are able to help you with this.

We are able to shop around on your behalf to find you the best deal based on your individual situation.

Reasons for wanting multiple mortgages may include:

  •  A second mortgage to raise money for home improvements and/or debt consolidation.
  • Renting out your existing home and looking to purchase a new one.
  • Helping your children onto the property ladder.
  • A buy to let purchase, single or multiple.
  • Named on another mortgage and want to purchase a new property.

Second mortgage to raise money

If you’ve got sufficient equity in your home, you may be able to release some of this for home improvements and/or consolidate debts.

Often at this time, if you are currently on a lenders standard variable rate, we are able to shop around and find a more competitive deal at the same time as releasing capital. A further advance with your current Lender is also an option.

Renting out your existing home to buy a new

This is a popular choice for customers looking to move up the property ladder whilst still keeping hold of their ‘starter’ homes as an investment.

Helping your children

If you are exploring the options available to you of helping your children or grandchildren with getting on the property ladder there are now many products that we can run through to achieve this.

A second mortgage for buy to let

Single or multiple buy to let, no problem.   We are able to provide mortgage advice for this and recommend the most suitable deal/s for you.  We are very experienced in dealing with all kinds of buy to let mortgages and purchases.

Named on another mortgage?

We come across this situation on a regular basis, especially following a divorce or separation.  Luckily, we are usually able to help.

Mortgage advice in Birmingham for multiple mortgages – our service

If you are wanting help from a Trusted Mortgage Advisor in Birmingham then please give us a try.  Mortgage Advice is available at a time that fits in with your work and family life.  Whether morning, afternoon, late evening or weekends, we’ll be here to help you.

We’re able to search 1000’s of mortgage deals for you in order to find the most suitable one. We will be here with you all throughout the process.

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