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How to Sell your Home Quickly in Birmingham

Moving Home Mortgage Advisor in Birmingham

Once you are ready for moving home in Birmingham, you need to think about putting your existing home onto the property market, finding a buyer and selling it.

At the point of the sale, the equity in it (the amount at which you sell for minus your current mortgage balance) will be used for your deposit for your next property purchase. This can be topped up as much as you like from either savings or a family gift.

As a seller you should always have a minimum asking price that you’re willing to sell for, but also be open to potential offers from prospective buyers. The way that your home is marketed and presented will play a big factor in terms of how quickly it sells. So, from the viewpoint of both the buyer and yourself as a seller, you’re going to need to do some research about moving home. Let’s start with some quick and efficient ways to sell your property.

Asking price

When deciding your asking price, you need to make sure that it is within reason for the local area. Just because the estate agent has told you the property’s highest potential sale price, doesn’t mean that it will get sold at that price. Research the area of which you’re selling in and figure out a reasonable price for a property of your size and age.

Within the first couple of weeks of your listing, you want to attract as much attention from potential buyers as possible. If you are struggling to gain interest in your property, there is a high chance that it is down to your chosen asking price.

If you have already found a home that you are interested in purchasing and you are still living within your current house, you need to start looking at selling it asap so you can move onto the next place. That’s exactly why a fair asking price is a great way to kickstart your home moving journey.

How does it look from the outside

Our team of mortgage advisors have experience of over 20 years in the mortgage industry. As such we have an eye for what people do and don’t notice when purchasing a property. One of the first things that we see is the exterior of the property and how it looks upon first glance.

Having your home look appealing from the outside is your best way to engage interest from potential buyers. This the first impression anyone will make, so you need to be aware of how your home looks from the outside.

Oftentimes, it takes something so minor, like having a freshly jet-washed drive and a neatly cut front lawn. This indicates to these buyers that you have really looked after your home and you want people to be impressed by it. This may also instill the notion that the interior of your home will also provide that a sense of feeling homely.

Though saying so may seem redundant, it is important to remember that you can only make a first impression once. It is something we’ve seen many people forget over the years, but is so crucial in the home selling process. To improve your chances of selling your home quickly, you should try and make your house have a great kerbside appeal, as they say.

How does it look from the inside

Before you start to allow people in to make viewing, you need to give the place a good tidy! The home viewer won’t feel as comfortable and interested in a property that is dirty and cluttered.

Definitely remove any unnecessary items just sitting around and declutter every space. When your viewer walks in, you want them to feel like the place has been well looked after. This impression could be made from anything as simple as a nice doormat, to making sure the doorbell is working first time.

Working through hallways is always a good starting point as they don’t require much work due to being smaller spaces, yet are also just as important as any other room. Once you have done this, it is time to start going room to room and working hard to make sure it is clean, smells nice and is appealing.

Make sure you pay extra attention to your kitchen and bathroom as these are some of the most important parts of a house. Cupboards and wardrobes should be neatly stacked and free of unnecessary clutter. If you are a smoker sometimes the smell of smoke can linger in rooms, so it may be an idea to give the house a good airing before a prospective buyer arrives. Anything that even remotely smells smokey, should be removed from the property.

Additionally, all interior doors should be freshly painted and their brass fixtures should be checked and polished to ensure that they can open and close with ease.

Make sure that natural daylight where possible can shine evenly across all rooms, opening all blinds and curtains to ensure this is possible. Where this isn’t possible, make sure all lightbulbs are working properly and have lampshades so that it isn’t too bright.

Your home should also feel nice and warm but not too hot. If this is the case, try opening windows to let a cooler breeze through. Despite what people claim about “baking bread” smells, this is corny and old-fashioned. It is much better to make sure there are no cooking smells lingering whatsoever.

Let them feel at home

Though it may seem like a difficult task to some, you will need to try and avoid having your children or pets getting in the way whilst your viewers are walking around your house. You want them to feel as relaxed as possible, without distraction.

That being said, if it’s a young couple walking around then you might benefit from having your kids be nearby. It will instill a true sense of it being a family home. The same can be said for family photos or paintings to decorate the home. If a buyer can envision a future in your home, they may be more inclined to make an offer.

You should also let them explore on their own, don’t crowd them too much as they will want to discuss between themselves about what they do and don’t like about your property.

Make it spotless

As mentioned, your kitchen and bathroom should be thoroughly tidied and completely spotless. Anything that isn’t in daily use should be put away, out of sight where it can’t be perceived as clutter. Your towels should be neatly stacked away and not left on hooks or spread across the floor.

Make sure that you double-check everything too, your whole house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Make sure clothes are not lying around, the bedrooms have been dusted and any other minor tasks have been addressed.

You should think about other duties, such as washing your curtains, blinds, wiping your walls and cleaning your floors and windows. All repairs should be up to date too and clean bedding be placed out on the beds. Windows should be sparkling clean inside and out; affordable window cleaners are out there if this is something you can’t quite do yourself.

Investing in carpets for smaller rooms can be an inexpensive way of impressing your viewer. Carpets make rooms feel welcoming and can show your viewer that the house is well looked after.

Make space

People who are selling their home often don’t realise that having empty space can also be a good thing. This is because it allows your potential buyer to visualise what the home could look like personalised to them. For example, an empty wall in a bedroom resonates with the buyer as a blank canvas, showing that they will be able to do whatever they want to it.

Anything that you are storing outside of cupboards should be put away or thrown away if it does not need to be out. This can save you a job anyway for when the time comes to move home! Make lots of room on your kitchen worktops too and ensure that there are no pots lying around on the side.

The garden

A garden can truly be a deciding factor for many property viewers as it’s normally the last thing that the viewer see and it sticks with them. You need to make sure that there is no rubbish left laying around and no garden toys or equipment are cluttering what could be a potential deal breaker. It’s important not to pile everything into your shed too, as if you have one, the buyer may very well wish to see this to get an idea of space.

Ensure that your fences have all of their slats properly in place and are freshly painted or creosoted. People love seeing colourful gardens, so picking and planting the perfect flowers could be incredibly helpful. Anything to liven up your garden could really help your case when it comes to selling your home. Removing weeds and dead flowers, cutting the grass, removing grass clippings are all tasks that must be looked at.

Be yourself

People like people; your viewer also has a first impression on you so remember to be welcoming, honest and most importantly, be yourself. If your potential buyer does not make an offer, do not worry. You will have plenty more buyers interested in your home.

Create a balanced view on every problem that you have encountered with the house, for example, if you had a problem with a leak, say how you easily fixed it and how the chances of it happening again in the future are unlikely. Estate agents will want to earn their commission by talking to the property viewers as much as possible, however, you need to remember that no one knows as much about the house as you do. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to jump in and tell them more about it from the perspective of someone who has owned and lived in the property themselves.

Finally, remember the emotions attached to buying a home. If you have a family it helps to accentuate it has been a happy home for you, this is sure to rub off on the viewers if they are thinking of raising their own family in the future.

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