Company Recognition - Our August 2019 Champions in Birmingham

Company Recognition 2019 Champions in Birmingham

Today we recognize achievement within the company. Every month our Mortgage Broker in Birmingham reflects upon each employee’s hard work rewarding those who have gone above and beyond in the workplace. Everybody stops their work and gathers around, in a moment of celebration for the chosen individuals.

It helps build real confidence booster for those selected and everyone else in the company. It’s quite remarkable to be pulled aside and thanked for everything you’ve done. Knowing it’s appreciated and that you’re not just another cog in the machine, you’re valued and essential.

Our Mortgage Broker in Birmingham 2019 Champions

Customer Reviews – Kayleigh Steward

Kayleigh is the sunshine of the workplace, encouraging positivity amongst her peers. Don’t let that fool you though, she’s a tough and determined member of our Mortgage Administrator team, with a strong desire to ensure all our customers get their deals finalized.

Once this gets done, Kayleigh also asks the customers if they could leave us a review. After such a positive service from her, they’re always happy to do so. It’s these reviews that you see on our site, that encourage you to come with us when you have an inquiry. Without the reviews, you may go to another broker, one who can’t help the level we can.

Putting the customer first – Nathan Moore

Brummie born Nathan is what is professionally referred to in the industry, as an advising machine. Okay so maybe not entirely professional, but who can argue with results? Nathan is one of our hardest working, longest-serving, and highest achieving Mortgage Advisor in Birmingham.

Nathan has accepted appointments almost as soon as they come in, even when they’re last minute! Nathan is known to work during days off or even after hours if it means ensuring the customer gets the 5-Star Service we know they deserve.

Not one to sit idly, Nathan also likes to complete as many mortgages as humanly possible, making sure his cases are done promptly and efficiently, before quickly moving on to do more. He truly cares about his customers, which is evident in the work he demonstrates daily.

Mentor – Michael Sallabank

In the first place, we have Michael Sallabank. Michael, or as he affectionately is known, Mikey, started in early 2018 as an apprentice in the companies Marketing Department.

He has spent the past year and a half working incredibly hard to achieve everything in his path. Within the last few weeks, Mikey got presented with a certificate, for completing his Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.

Mikey is also a notorious problem addict, dedicated to solving every IT issue within the company. He does not like problems he can’t fix and tends to exhaust every option he has to ensure everything is back on track. 9 times out of 10, the issues can get solved.

This does not go unappreciated by his peers either as issues can often leave them anxious. However, Mikey is prompt in his work and fixes the problem quickly.

Lastly, Mikey has worked hard over the past few weeks helping out the companies new Marketing Apprentices, showing them the ropes, keeping patient, and making them feel welcome within the workplace.

He has used his experience, explaining everything as clear and straightforward as possible, ensuring they know exactly what to do and how to do it. A huge thank you to all of our team for working so hard last month. Here’s to another great month!

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